Our Story

Hi! We are Joe & Sue and we are so glad you stopped by for a visit. Our days are crazy at times and we know the value of finding good products we can depend on while we stroll through life.

About 10 years ago Sue found herself getting bored in the evenings while traveling for corporate America. She started imagining online ecommerce business ideas. Quickly her studies led her to eBay as the grandkids say "back in the day". Well off she went. Selling whatever she would find in new or like new shape from thift stores, garage sales and what have you. Soon she learned about Amazon and many new doors opened. She began working on selling new and used products across all marketplaces and was really enjoying it.

Along came Joe 5 years ago and swept her off her feet. Well that's his version anyway. Together they loved to travel and adventure. Sue and Joe both had RVs, albeit Sue's was a 1984 Winnebago and Joe's a 2000 Safari diesel pusher. Quickly they adopted the one nicer unit together and let our handyman take ownership of the oldie.

It was during these travels that they realized there were many things that made RV'ing and camping more fun. What was discouraging was things they needed were not really designed for campers. This started the quest to develop products that can make life more fun while enjoying the outdoors. Thees findings were the birth of "inside the slides" or items to use inside your camper.

At Inside the Slides, we specialize in products we have used and have proven results with. We don't sell anything we don't believe in.

Although we focus on RV and camping solutions, you will find some tricks up our sleeve for things that work both on and off the road.

Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback in the contat form or join our facebook group. We'd love to hear from you.

We are adding new products every month, so check back often. Hope to see you down the road somewhere having fun.

Joe & Sue